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Commit 5a8e28ba authored by Sylvain Thery's avatar Sylvain Thery
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forgotten CMakeLists modification

parent 1daeaeeb
...@@ -98,8 +98,8 @@ target_link_libraries( tuto_histo ...@@ -98,8 +98,8 @@ target_link_libraries( tuto_histo
# exemple: BOOST_LIBS(boost_lib_lists "boost_thread-mt;boost_iostreams-mt") # exemple: BOOST_LIBS(boost_lib_lists "boost_thread-mt;boost_iostreams-mt")
#BOOST_LIBS(boost_lib_lists "boost_thread-mt") #BOOST_LIBS(boost_lib_lists "boost_thread-mt")
#QT4_WRAP_CPP(tuto_mt_moc tuto_mt.h) QT4_WRAP_CPP(tuto_mt_moc tuto_mt.h)
#add_executable( tuto_mt tuto_mt.cpp ${tuto_mt_moc}) add_executable( tuto_mt tuto_mt.cpp ${tuto_mt_moc})
#target_link_libraries( tuto_mt target_link_libraries( tuto_mt
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