Commit 08e3f5a8 authored by Maire Nicolas's avatar Maire Nicolas

Adaptation de stage_shader_reloaded au nouveau système d'identifiant de clippingShader.

parent 47b69164
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......@@ -140,23 +140,12 @@ public slots:
void slot_pushButton_addPlane();
void slot_pushButton_deletePlane();
void slot_comboBox_PlaneIndexChanged(int newIndex);
void slot_doubleSpinBox_PlaneVec1(double c);
void slot_doubleSpinBox_PlaneVec2(double c);
void slot_doubleSpinBox_PlaneOrigin(double c);
void slot_spinBox_GridResolution(int i);
void slot_doubleSpinBox_GridColor(double c);
void slot_pushButton_addSphere();
void slot_pushButton_deleteSphere();
void slot_comboBox_SphereIndexChanged(int newIndex);
void slot_doubleSpinBox_SphereCenter(double c);
void slot_doubleSpinBox_SphereRadius(double c);
void slot_spinBox_SphereResolution(int i);
void slot_doubleSpinBox_SphereGridColor(double c);
This diff is collapsed.
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