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Commit 9b52ecd2 authored by Kenneth Vanhoey's avatar Kenneth Vanhoey
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matrix operations in quadricRGBfunctions verified

parent 57e258ac
......@@ -51,16 +51,15 @@ QuadricRGBfunctions<REAL>::QuadricRGBfunctions(const QuadricRGBfunctions& q) {
template <typename REAL>
QuadricRGBfunctions<REAL>::QuadricRGBfunctions(const RGBFUNCTIONS& cf, const REAL gamma, const REAL alpha) {
MATRIX66 R1,R2_A,R2_b,R2_c;
MATRIX66 R1,R2_b,R2_c;
buildRotateMatrix(R1,gamma); // Rotation 1
buildIntegralMatrix_A(R2_A,alpha); // Parameterized integral matrix A
buildIntegralMatrix_A(A,alpha); // Parameterized integral matrix A
buildIntegralMatrix_b(R2_b,alpha); // Parameterized integral matrix b
buildIntegralMatrix_c(R2_c,alpha); // Parameterized integral matrix c
// Quadric (A,b,c) => L*A*Lt - 2*b*Lt + c = ERROR
A = R2_A ; // Matrix A : integral
for (unsigned col = RED; col < BLUE+1; ++col) {
Geom::Vector<6,REAL> function; // get function coefficients
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