Commit 14e20e60 authored by pitiot's avatar pitiot
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parent cf21d247
......@@ -775,7 +775,7 @@ void Simulator::setupPlanetScenario(unsigned int nbAgents, unsigned int nbObstac
float ecart = 3.0f;
float ecart = 5.0f;
VEC3 displ2(- (float(nbx)/2.0f * ecart), - (float(nby)/2.0f * ecart), 0);
Geom::Plane3D<PFP::REAL> pl(Algo::Surface::Geometry::faceNormal<PFP>(, dCell, envMap_.position), 0.0f);
Agent::rotate(Agent::xyPlane, pl.normal(), displ2);
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