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......@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ Geom::Orientation3D ParticleCell2DAndHalf<PFP>::getOrientationEdge(const VEC3& p
const VEC3& n1 = Algo::Geometry::faceNormal<PFP>(m,d,m_positions);
//orientation relative to the plane orthogonal to the face going through the edge
return Geom::testOrientation3D(point,vertexPoint,endPoint, vertexPoint+n1);
return Geom::testOrientation3D(point,vertexPoint, endPoint, vertexPoint+n1);
template <typename PFP>
......@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@ Geom::Orientation3D ParticleCell2DAndHalf<PFP>::getOrientationFace(VEC3 point, V
VEC3 n1 = Algo::Geometry::faceNormal<PFP>(m,d,m_positions);
return Geom::testOrientation3D(point, sourcePoint, dPoint, dPoint+n1);
return Geom::testOrientation3D(point, sourcePoint, dPoint+n1, dPoint);
template <typename PFP>
......@@ -171,9 +171,19 @@ void ParticleCell2DAndHalf<PFP>::edgeState(VEC3 current, Geom::Orientation3D sid
//transform the displacement into the new entered face
VEC3 displ = current-m_position;
VEC3 edge = Algo::Geometry::vectorOutOfDart<PFP>(m,m.phi2(d),m_positions);
VEC3 n = Algo::Geometry::faceNormal<PFP>(m,m.phi2(d),m_positions);
current = m_position+((displ^n)*displ.norm());
VEC3 n1 = Algo::Geometry::faceNormal<PFP>(m,d,m_positions);
VEC3 n2 = Algo::Geometry::faceNormal<PFP>(m,m.phi2(d),m_positions);
float angle = acos(n1*n2);
Geom::Matrix<4,4,float> mRot;
displ = Geom::transform(displ,mRot);
current = m_position+displ;
d = m.phi1(m.phi2(d));
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