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ajout de la fonction illustrationKmeans necessaire dans le cours sur la...

ajout de la fonction illustrationKmeans necessaire dans le cours sur la classification pour visualiser etape par etape
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from copy import deepcopy
import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
from matplotlib import pyplot as plt
def dist(a, b, axe = 1):
return np.linalg.norm(a - b, axis=axe)
def illustrationKmeans(X,k, xlabel = 'x', ylabel = 'y'):
colors = ['r', 'g', 'b', 'y', 'c', 'm']
# X coordinates of random centroids
C_x = np.random.uniform(np.min(X[:,0]), np.max(X[:,0]), size=k)
# Y coordinates of random centroids
C_y = np.random.uniform(np.min(X[:,1]), np.max(X[:,1]), size=k)
C = np.array(list(zip(C_x, C_y)), dtype=np.float32)
# To store the value of centroids when it updates
C_old = np.zeros(C.shape)
# Cluster Lables(0, 1, 2)
clusters = np.zeros(len(X))
# Error func. - Distance between new centroids and old centroids
error = dist(C, C_old, None)
# Loop will run till the error becomes zero
while error != 0:
# Assigning each value to its closest cluster
for i in range(len(X)):
distances = dist(X[i], C)
cluster = np.argmin(distances)
clusters[i] = cluster
# Storing the old centroid values
C_old = deepcopy(C)
# Finding the new centroids by taking the average value
fig, ax = plt.subplots()
for i in range(k):
points = [X[j] for j in range(len(X)) if clusters[j] == i]
C[i] = np.mean(points, axis=0)
points2 = np.array([X[j] for j in range(len(X)) if clusters[j] == i])
ax.scatter(points2[:, 0], points2[:, 1], s=100, c=colors[i])
error = dist(C, C_old, None)
ax.scatter(C[:, 0], C[:, 1], marker='*', s=200, c='#050505')
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