Commit d8432f0b authored by luc.moulinier's avatar luc.moulinier


parent 2e4d1e1f
......@@ -95,13 +95,10 @@ proc LoadTclPackages {} {
package require tclfastme
package require http
package require sqlite3
package require La
catch { namespace import La::*}
package require struct
package require tdom
if {$::tcl_version ne "8.6"} {
package require TclOO
#package require La
#catch { namespace import La::*}
#package require struct
#package require tdom
......@@ -255,23 +252,28 @@ proc CreeOrdalieStarpack {plat} {
file copy [file join .. TclKits sdx.kit] sdx.kit
set fkit [glob [file join .. TclKits "tclkit-${plat}*"]]
set ext [file extension $fkit]
set kit "tclkit$ext"
set kit [file tail $fkit]
file copy $fkit $kit
set frun [glob [file join .. TclKits "tcltkkit-${plat}*"]]
set run "tcltkkit$ext"
set run [file tail $frun]
file copy $frun $run
set target "ordalie$ext"
puts "CreeOrdaliStarpack"
exec ./$kit sdx.kit qwrap ordalie.tcl
exec ./$kit sdx.kit unwrap ordalie.kit
exec ./$kit sdx.kit wrap $target -runtime $run
if {! [file exists $target]} {
puts "problem while creating executable !"
file delete -force ordalie.vfs
file delete -force ordalie.kit
file delete -force ordalie.tcl
file delete -force sdx.kit
file delete -force {*}[glob *tcl*kit*]
puts "cleaning done ..."
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