Commit d5c57ec1 authored by luc.moulinier's avatar luc.moulinier

ordali.tcl : check link

parent 1caca8d1
......@@ -14,7 +14,11 @@ if {! $InStarPack} {
if {[info exists env(ORDALIDIR)]} {
set OrdaliDir $env(ORDALIDIR)
} else {
set OrdaliDir [file join {*}[lrange [file split [file normalize [info script]]] 0 end-2]]
set script [info script]
if {! [catch {file link $script}]} {
set script [file link $script]
set OrdaliDir [file join {*}[lrange [file split [file normalize $script]] 0 end-2]]
if {[info exists env(GSCOPEDIR)]} {
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