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# hview is an adaptation from hv.tcl (complementing tkhtml)
# Changes :
# - ISO8859-1 chars converted to HTML entities
# - Global variables prefixed by hv_ (except ::HtmlTraceMask)
# - Procs prefixed by Hv_
# - menubar is optional
# - added an optional close button
# - launched by Hv_Run which admits optional arguments
# Hv_Run -title $mytitle -iconname $myicon -readfile $myfile
# -menubar 1 -closebutton "Close"
# This script implements the "hv" application. Type "hv FILE" to
# view FILE as HTML.
# This application is used for testing the HTML widget. It can
# also server as an example of how to use the HTML widget.
# @(#) $Id: hv.tcl,v 1.25 2000/02/19 18:37:52 drh Exp $
# This procedure is called when the user selects the File/Open
# menu option.
proc Hv_UserLoad {} {
set filetypes {
{{Html Files} {.html .htm}}
{{All Files} *}
set f [tk_getOpenFile -initialdir $::hv_lastDir -filetypes $filetypes]
if {$f!=""} {
Hv_LoadFile $f
set ::hv_lastDir [file dirname $f]
# Clear the screen.
proc Hv_ClearScreen {} {
set w .hv.h.h
$w clear
catch {unset ::hv_hotkey}
foreach fn [array names ::hv_Images] {
set ::hv_OldImages($fn) $::hv_Images($fn)
catch {unset ::hv_Images}
proc Hv_ClearOldImages {} {
global ::hv_OldImages
foreach fn [array names ::hv_OldImages] {
image delete $::hv_OldImages($fn)
catch {unset ::hv_OldImages}
proc Hv_ClearBigImages {} {
global ::hv_BigImages
foreach b [array names ::hv_BigImages] {
image delete $::hv_BigImages($b)
catch {unset ::hv_BigImages}
# Read a file
proc Hv_ReadFile {name} {
if {[catch {open $name r} fp]} {
tk_messageBox -icon error -message $fp -type ok
return {}
} else {
fconfigure $fp -translation binary
set r [read $fp [file size $name]]
close $fp
return $r
# Load a file into the HTML widget
proc Hv_LoadFile {name} {
set html [Hv_ReadFile $name]
if {$html==""} return
# translate ISO chars to HTML entities
set html [Hv_ToEntities $html]
set ::hv_LastFile $name
.hv.h.h config -base $name
.hv.h.h parse $html
# Refresh the current file.
proc Hv_RefreshFile {args} {
if {![info exists ::hv_LastFile]} return
Hv_LoadFile $::hv_LastFile
# A font chooser routine.
# .hv.h.h config -fontcommand Hv_PickFont
proc Hv_PickFont {size attrs} {
# puts "FontCmd: $size $attrs"
set a [expr {-1<[lsearch $attrs fixed]?{courier}:{charter}}]
set b [expr {-1<[lsearch $attrs italic]?{italic}:{roman}}]
set c [expr {-1<[lsearch $attrs bold]?{bold}:{normal}}]
set d [expr {int(12*pow(1.2,$size-4))}]
list $a $d $b $c
# This routine is called for each form element
proc FormCmd {n cmd args} {
# puts "FormCmd: $n $cmd $args"
switch $cmd {
select -
textarea -
input {
set w [lindex $args 0]
label $w -image ::hv_nogifsm
# This routine is called for every <IMG> markup
proc ImageCmd {args} {
if {!$::hv_showImages} {
return ::hv_smgray
set fn [lindex $args 0]
if {[info exists ::hv_OldImages($fn)]} {
set ::hv_Images($fn) $::hv_OldImages($fn)
unset ::hv_OldImages($fn)
return $::hv_Images($fn)
if {[catch {image create photo -file $fn} img]} {
return ::hv_smgray
if {[image width $img]*[image height $img]>20000} {
global ::hv_BigImages
set b [image create photo -width [image width $img] \
-height [image height $img]]
set ::hv_BigImages($b) $img
set img $b
after idle "Hv_MoveBigImage $b"
set ::hv_Images($fn) $img
return $img
proc Hv_MoveBigImage b {
if {![info exists ::hv_BigImages($b)]} return
$b copy $::hv_BigImages($b)
image delete $::hv_BigImages($b)
unset ::hv_BigImages($b)
# associated by trace variable with ::hv_showTableStruct var
proc Hv_ShowTableStruct args {
if {$::hv_showTableStruct} {
set ::HtmlTraceMask [expr {$::HtmlTraceMask|0x8}]
.hv.h.h config -tablerelief flat
} else {
set ::HtmlTraceMask [expr {$::HtmlTraceMask&~0x8}]
.hv.h.h config -tablerelief raised
# associated by trace variable with ::hv_underlineHyper
proc Hv_ChangeUnderline args {
.hv.h.h config -underlinehyperlinks $::hv_underlineHyper
# This routine is called for every <SCRIPT> markup
proc ScriptCmd {args} {
# puts "ScriptCmd: $args"
# This routine is called for every <APPLET> markup
proc AppletCmd {w arglist} {
# puts "AppletCmd: w=$w arglist=$arglist"
label $w -text "The Applet $w" -bd 2 -relief raised
# This procedure is called when the user clicks on a hyperlink.
# See the "bind .hv.h.h.x" below for the binding that invokes this
# procedure
proc Hv_HrefBinding {x y} {
# koba & dg marking text
.hv.h.h selection clear
# set ::tkhtml::Priv(mark) $x,$y
set list [.hv.h.h href $x $y]
if {![llength $list]} {return}
foreach {new target} $list break
if {$new!=""} {
global hv_LastFile
set pattern $hv_LastFile#
set len [string length $pattern]
incr len -1
if {[string range $new 0 $len] eq $pattern} {
incr len
.hv.h.h yview [string range $new $len end]
} else {
Hv_LoadFile $new
proc OldHv_HrefBinding {x y} {
set new [.hv.h.h href $x $y]
# puts "link to [list $new]"; return
if {$new!=""} {
global ::hv_LastFile
set pattern $::hv_LastFile#
set len [string length $pattern]
incr len -1
if {[string range $new 0 $len]==$pattern} {
incr len
.hv.h.h yview [string range $new $len end]
} else {
Hv_LoadFile $new
# Load argv string
# The ::HtmlTraceMask only works if the widget was compiled with
# the -DDEBUG=1 command-line option. "file" is the name of the
# first HTML file to be loaded.
proc Hv_LoadArgv {} {
set ::hv_file {}
foreach a $::argv {
if {[regexp {^debug=} $a]} {
scan $a "debug=0x%x" ::HtmlTraceMask
} else {
set ::hv_file $a
# These Images are used in place of GIFs or of form elements
proc Hv_FillerImages {} {
image create photo ::hv_biggray -data {
image create photo ::hv_smgray -data {
image create photo ::hv_nogifbif -data {
image create photo ::hv_nogifsm -data {
# Construct the main window
proc Hv_MainWindow { {withmenu ""} {closebutton ""} {horizbar ""}
{ linkcolor "#0000FF" } { bgcolor "#FFFFFF" } } {
global Defauts
frame .hv.mbar -bd 2 -relief raised
if { $withmenu == 1 } {
pack .hv.mbar -side top -fill x
menubutton .hv.mbar.file -text File -underline 0 -menu .hv.mbar.file.m
pack .hv.mbar.file -side left -padx 5
set m [menu .hv.mbar.file.m]
$m add command -label Open -underline 0 -command Hv_UserLoad
$m add command -label Refresh -underline 0 -command Hv_RefreshFile
$m add separator
$m add command -label Exit -underline 1 -command exit
menubutton .hv.mbar.view -text View -underline 0 -menu .hv.mbar.view.m
pack .hv.mbar.view -side left -padx 5
set m [menu .hv.mbar.view.m]
set ::hv_underlineHyper 1
$m add checkbutton -label {Underline Hyperlinks} -variable ::hv_underlineHyper
trace add variable ::hv_underlineHyper write Hv_ChangeUnderline
set ::hv_showTableStruct 0
$m add checkbutton -label {Show Table Structure} -variable ::hv_showTableStruct
trace add variable ::hv_showTableStruct write Hv_ShowTableStruct
set ::hv_showImages 1
$m add checkbutton -label {Show Images} -variable ::hv_showImages
trace add variable ::hv_showImages write Hv_RefreshFile
# Construct the main HTML viewer
frame .hv.h
pack .hv.h -side top -fill both -expand 1
html .hv.h.h \
-yscrollcommand {.hv.h.vsb set} \
-xscrollcommand {.hv.f2.hsb set} \
-formcommand FormCmd \
-imagecommand ImageCmd \
-scriptcommand ScriptCmd \
-appletcommand AppletCmd \
-underlinehyperlinks 1 \
-bg $bgcolor -tablerelief flat \
-visitedcolor $linkcolor \
-unvisitedcolor $linkcolor \
-fontcommand Hv_PickFont
# If the tracemask is not 0, then draw the outline of all
# tables as a blank line, not a 3D relief.
if {$::HtmlTraceMask} {
.hv.h.h config -tablerelief flat
bind .hv.h.h.x <1> {Hv_HrefBinding %x %y}
# Pack the HTML widget into the main screen.
pack .hv.h.h -side left -fill both -expand 1
scrollbar .hv.h.vsb -width 8 \
-orient vertical \
-command {.hv.h.h yview}
pack .hv.h.vsb -side left -fill y
bind HtmlClip <4> {%W yview scroll -[set Defauts(DeltaYScroll)] units}
bind HtmlClip <5> {%W yview scroll [set Defauts(DeltaYScroll)] units}
frame .hv.f2
frame .hv.f2.sp -width [winfo reqwidth .hv.h.vsb] -bd 2 -relief raised
scrollbar .hv.f2.hsb -orient horizontal -command {.hv.h.h xview}
if { $horizbar == 1 } {
pack .hv.f2.sp -side right -fill y
pack .hv.f2.hsb -side top -fill x
pack .hv.f2 -side top -fill x
# add close button
if { $closebutton != "" } {
pack -side bottom -fill x
button -text $closebutton -command {destroy .hv} -width -12 -background green1
pack -side right -padx [winfo reqwidth .hv.h.vsb] -pady 7
# # configure link color
# .hv.h.h configure -visitedcolor $linkcolor -unvisitedcolor $linkcolor
# # configure background color
# .hv.h.h configure -background $bgcolor
# If an argument was specified, read it into the HTML widget.
if {$::hv_file!=""} {
Hv_LoadFile $::hv_file
# This binding changes the cursor when the mouse move over
# top of a hyperlink.
bind HtmlClip <Motion> {
set parent [winfo parent %W]
set url [$parent href %x %y]
if {[string length $url] > 0} {
$parent configure -cursor hand2
} else {
$parent configure -cursor {}
MesCouleurs .hv
FenetreAuCentre .hv
# get a particular parameter value from an "args" string
proc Hv_GetArg { argname args } {
foreach { keyword value } $args {
if {[string index $keyword 0] == "-" } {
set argum [string range $keyword 1 end]
if { $argname == $argum } {
return $value
return ""
# ISO To and From HTML entities / Converter
# changing from and to html-entities - websearch
proc Hv_InitIsoHtml {} {
array unset ::hv_froment
array unset ::hv_toent
array set escapes {
iexcl \xa1 cent \xa2 pound \xa3 curren \xa4
yen \xa5 brvbar \xa6 sect \xa7 uml \xa8 copy \xa9
ordf \xaa laquo \xab not \xac shy \xad reg \xae
hibar \xaf deg \xb0 plusmn \xb1 sup2 \xb2 sup3 \xb3
acute \xb4 micro \xb5 para \xb6 middot \xb7 cedil \xb8
sup1 \xb9 ordm \xba raquo \xbb frac14 \xbc frac12 \xbd
frac34 \xbe iquest \xbf Agrave \xc0 Aacute \xc1 Acirc \xc2
Atilde \xc3 Auml \xc4 Aring \xc5 AElig \xc6 Ccedil \xc7
Egrave \xc8 Eacute \xc9 Ecirc \xca Euml \xcb Igrave \xcc
Iacute \xcd Icirc \xce Iuml \xcf ETH \xd0 Ntilde \xd1
Ograve \xd2 Oacute \xd3 Ocirc \xd4 Otilde \xd5 Ouml \xd6
times \xd7 Oslash \xd8 Ugrave \xd9 Uacute \xda Ucirc \xdb
Uuml \xdc Yacute \xdd THORN \xde szlig \xdf agrave \xe0
aacute \xe1 acirc \xe2 atilde \xe3 auml \xe4 aring \xe5
aelig \xe6 ccedil \xe7 egrave \xe8 eacute \xe9 ecirc \xea
euml \xeb igrave \xec iacute \xed icirc \xee iuml \xef
eth \xf0 ntilde \xf1 ograve \xf2 oacute \xf3 ocirc \xf4
otilde \xf5 ouml \xf6 divide \xf7 oslash \xf8 ugrave \xf9
uacute \xfa ucirc \xfb uuml \xfc yacute \xfd thorn \xfe
yuml \xff
# Convert into a form that we can use with [string map]
foreach key [array names escapes] {
set ::hv_froment(&$key\;) $escapes($key)
foreach { key value } [array get escapes] {
set ::hv_toent($value) &$key\;
# convert text to HTML entities
proc Hv_ToEntities { txt } {
return [string map [array get ::hv_toent] $txt]
# convert text from HTML entities
proc Hv_FromEntities { txt } {
return [string map [array get ::hv_froment] $txt]
# Load binary
proc Hv_LoadBin { {binpath ""} } {
if { $binpath != "" } {
load $binpath Tkhtml
} else {
foreach f {
} {
if {[file exists $f]} {
if {[catch {load $f Tkhtml}]==0} break
# Run
proc Hv_Run { args } {
set title "HTML File Viewer"
set iconname "HV"
set menubar ""
set closebutton ""
set loadargv ""
set readfile ""
set horizbar ""
set linkcolor ""
set title [eval Hv_GetArg title $args]
set iconname [eval Hv_GetArg iconname $args]
set menubar [eval Hv_GetArg menubar $args]
set closebutton [eval Hv_GetArg closebutton $args]
set loadargv [eval Hv_GetArg loadargv $args]
set readfile [eval Hv_GetArg readfile $args]
set horizbar [eval Hv_GetArg horizbar $args]
set linkcolor [eval Hv_GetArg linkcolor $args]
set bgcolor [eval Hv_GetArg bgcolor $args]
set ::hv_lastDir [pwd]
set ::HtmlTraceMask 0
if { $loadargv == 1 } {
if { $readfile != "" } {
set ::hv_file $readfile
trace remove variable ::hv_underlineHyper write Hv_ChangeUnderline
trace remove variable ::hv_showImages write Hv_RefreshFile
trace remove variable ::hv_showTableStruct write Hv_ShowTableStruct
destroy .hv
toplevel .hv
wm title .hv $title
wm iconname .hv $iconname
set Cmd ""
foreach a {menubar closebutton horizbar linkcolor bgcolor} {
if {[set $a] != ""} {
append Cmd [set $a]
Hv_MainWindow 0 "Close"
# eval Hv_MainWindow $Cmd
proc LanceDoc {{meth "internet"}} {
# two ways :
# - internet : launch browser to access doc
# - local : launch Tcl/Tk hv3 browser
if {$meth eq "internet"} {
package require browser_info
} else {
source [file join $::OrdLibDir hv hv3_main.tcl]
set ::hv3::maindir $::OrdaliDir
#eval [concat hv3_main $argv]
hv3_main "file://[file join $::OrdaliDir newdoc ordalie_documentation index.html]"
#hv3_main "file://~/merci.html"
proc LanceDoc_old {} {
global OrdHlpDir
#package require html3viewer
set file [file join $OrdHlpDir index.html]
#set html3 [html3widget::html3widget .t]
#pack $html3
#$html3 parseurl ""
#$html3 parsefile $file
package require Tkhtml
source /home/moumou/ordali/doc/hv.tcl
Hv_Run -readfile $file
......@@ -9,8 +9,7 @@ if {! $InStarPack} {
if {[info exists env(ORDALIDIR)]} {
set OrdaliDir $env(ORDALIDIR)
} else {
puts "je suis la"
set OrdaliDir [file join {*}[lrange [file split [info script]] 0 end-2]]
set OrdaliDir [file join {*}[lrange [file split [file normalize [info script]]] 0 end-2]]
if {[info exists env(GSCOPEDIR)]} {
set GscopeDir $env(GSCOPEDIR)
......@@ -26,7 +25,7 @@ if {! $InStarPack} {
set OrdLibDir [file join $OrdaliDir lib]
set OrdEtcDir [file join $OrdaliDir etc]
set OrdSrcDir [file join $OrdaliDir src]
set auto_path [linsert $auto_path 0 $OrdLibDir]
proc BuildDistrib {{plat ""}} {