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    MutIcube Install :

    Requirements :

    You will need java jre 1.8 or above (jdk is recommended) and git installed.

    Note that all commands are designed to work with unix bash.

    Installation :

    Create a MutIcube directory and clone the four git project in it :
        mkdir MultIcube
        cd MultIcube
        git clone
        git clone
        git clone
        git clone
    Open your favourite java IDE but it is recommended to use eclipse. The following instruction will be based on eclipse interface.
    • Change your workspace to the MultiCube directory
    • Import the previous four projects into your IDE :
      • Import > General > Projects from Folder or Archive
      • Choose for each four projects the corresponding folder
    • For each projet change its build path :
      • JCL : add project MultiCubeTools
      • JSL : add project MultiCubeTools
      • Mustic :
        • add project MultiCubeTools
        • add project JCL
        • add project JSL
        • add the directory « resources » as Class Folder in Libraries build path
        • change the Order of importation of ressources in the Order and Export tab to have the two highlighted libraries on top :

    image 1

    • Add gdal external jars to the Mustic project :

    image 2

    • Run the mustic project : Run > Java Application > choose «MultiCube - mustic » among the different Main class Use the Mustic/src/mustic/ if you don’t use eclipse
    • Change the Run Configuration :
      • add the two following Environment variables :
        • Name : GDAL_DATA => Value: ../MultiCubeTools/share/
        • for linux only :
        • Name : LD_LIBRARY_PATH => Value: ../MultiCubeTools/lib:./lib
      • for Windows and MacOS :
      • add the following VM argument : -Djava.library.path=../MultiCubeTools/lib:./lib
      • it is also recommended to change the memory allocated, by adding the VM arguments :
        • -Xms<your_min_memory_to_use>m -Xmx<your_max_memory_available>m

    On x64 unix platfrom you should normally be able to launch Mustic. But if you import a picture and still have an error, or you want to use the project on MacOS Windows, or x32 Unix you will have to change the dynamic libraries :

    • For Windows : copy paste content of MultiCubeTools/lib/Windows/xx, xx beeing 64 or 32 depending of your architecture
    • For MacOS : copy paste content of MultiCubeTools/lib/MacOS

    If it does not fix your problem, you need to get the gdal binaries with java bidings :

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