Création d'un compte pour un collaborateur extérieur au laboratoire depuis l'intranet ICube :

Commit 51990b8c authored by kirandjiska's avatar kirandjiska
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Added message in messages file

parent 02602c0f
......@@ -372,7 +372,7 @@ public class ConstraintsSelectionDialog extends JInternalFrame implements Zoomab
JCheckBox zoomBoxChkBox = new JCheckBox("Zoom Box");
JCheckBox zoomBoxChkBox = new JCheckBox(Messages.getString("ConstraintsSelectionDialog.58"));
this.displayPanel.addKeyListener(new KeyListener() {
......@@ -64,5 +64,6 @@ ConstraintsSelectionDialog.54=Error
ConstraintsSelectionDialog.56=Constraints Colors
ConstraintsSelectionDialog.57=Hide Constraints
ConstraintsSelectionDialog.58=Zoom Box
ConstraintsSelectionDialog.8=Constraint selection
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