Commit 518d8868 authored by untereiner's avatar untereiner

modifs dans map3

parent 917105e2
......@@ -807,11 +807,12 @@ bool Map3::foreach_dart_of_vertex(Dart d, FunctorType& f, unsigned int thread)
DartMarkerStore mv(*this,thread); // Lock a marker
bool found = false; // Last functor return value
std::list<Dart> darts_list; //Darts that are traversed
std::vector<Dart> darts_list; //Darts that are traversed
darts_list.push_back(d); //Start with the dart d
for(std::list<Dart>::iterator darts = darts_list.begin(); !found && darts != darts_list.end() ; ++darts)
for(std::vector<Dart>::iterator darts = darts_list.begin(); !found && darts != darts_list.end() ; ++darts)
Dart dc = *darts;
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