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  1. 01 Jun, 2015 5 commits
  2. 30 May, 2015 17 commits
  3. 29 May, 2015 9 commits
  4. 28 May, 2015 2 commits
    • Evan Shelhamer's avatar
      directly normalize accumulated gradients · 0e7a0785
      Evan Shelhamer authored
      `SGDSolver::Normalize()` normalizes accumulated gradients by scaling
      inversely to the accumulation as `1 / iter_size`.
      This fixes accumulation for AdaGrad and is more obvious than fooling
      with rates and decays in 55585f5b.
    • Evan Shelhamer's avatar
      test equivalence of solving with accumulating gradients · 92ab737a
      Evan Shelhamer authored
      Compare the parameters after solving with a given batch size and the
      halved batch size + two iter accumulation of gradients equivalent.
      Note: the test net dummy data layer now makes constant data and random
      gaussian targets. This assures the standard and gradient accumulation
      cases check the same data. Otherwise the difference in batch sizes
      causes different orders of random number draws.
  5. 27 May, 2015 7 commits