Commit 211c3c29 authored by Evan Shelhamer's avatar Evan Shelhamer
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follow-up on #443 to invert k channels (instead of 3)

parent e5fcf030
......@@ -284,7 +284,8 @@ def _Net_deprocess(self, input_name, input_):
decaf_in += mean
decaf_in = decaf_in.transpose((1,2,0))
if channel_order:
channel_order_inverse = tuple([channel_order.index(i) for i in (0,1,2)])
channel_order_inverse = [channel_order.index(i)
for i in range(decaf_in.shape[2])]
decaf_in = decaf_in[:, :, channel_order_inverse]
if input_scale:
decaf_in /= input_scale
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