Commit 18adbb8d authored by Ronghang Hu's avatar Ronghang Hu
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Fix automatic header file dependency for MatCaffe

Automatic header file dependency was introduced in #1472, but
not correctly applied to matcaffe. Fix it by moving ./caffe_.d
to build/matlab/+caffe/private/caffe_.d and add it to DEPS
parent 0f13feef
......@@ -118,7 +118,7 @@ GTEST_OBJ := $(addprefix $(BUILD_DIR)/, ${GTEST_SRC:.cpp=.o})
EXAMPLE_OBJS := $(addprefix $(BUILD_DIR)/, ${EXAMPLE_SRCS:.cpp=.o})
# Output files for automatic dependency generation
DEPS := ${CXX_OBJS:.o=.d} ${CU_OBJS:.o=.d} ${TEST_CXX_OBJS:.o=.d} \
# tool, example, and test bins
TOOL_BINS := ${TOOL_OBJS:.o=.bin}
......@@ -460,6 +460,9 @@ $(MAT$(PROJECT)_SO): $(MAT$(PROJECT)_SRC) $(STATIC_NAME)
CXX="$(CXX)" \
@ if [ -f "$(PROJECT)_.d" ]; then \
mv -f $(PROJECT)_.d $(BUILD_DIR)/${MAT$(PROJECT)_SO:.$(MAT_SO_EXT)=.d}; \
runtest: $(TEST_ALL_BIN)
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