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Commit bc5e99c3 authored by Frédéric Larue's avatar Frédéric Larue
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Bug fixed in the management of recent project list.

parent c7f58866
......@@ -140,18 +140,25 @@ void UIMainWindow::updateRecentListEntry( const QString& path )
// Insert the path to the beginning of the list.
if( m_RecentProjects.empty() )
ui->menuFile->insertAction( ui->menuFile->actions().back(), newFirstEntry );
ui->menuFile->insertAction( m_RecentProjects.front(), newFirstEntry );
m_RecentProjects.push_front( newFirstEntry );
// If the list of recent project exceeds the maximum size allowed, remove its very last element.
if( m_RecentProjects.size() > RECENT_PROJECT_MAX_LIST_SIZE )
ui->menuFile->removeAction( m_RecentProjects.back() );
// If the inserted path is the first one, insert a separator before it in the menu.
if( isVeryFirstEntry )
ui->menuFile->insertSeparator( ui->menuFile->actions().back() );
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