Commit 77baeea2 authored by Frédéric Larue's avatar Frédéric Larue

Title of the progress bar dialog is set to the name of the applied tool.

parent bbef1774
......@@ -265,6 +265,7 @@ void AlgorithmSelector::applyCurrentToolOn( const QList<GenericUIData*> &items,
if( nProgressBars > 0 )
progressDlg = new UIMultiProgressDialog( nProgressBars, mainwin );
progressDlg->setWindowTitle( m_SelectedTool->plugin->name(m_SelectedTool->id) );
connect( m_SelectedTool->plugin, SIGNAL(notifyProgressBar(unsigned int,QString,int)), progressDlg, SLOT(setBar(unsigned int,QString,int)) );
connect( m_SelectedTool->plugin, SIGNAL(notifyProgressValue(unsigned int,int)), progressDlg, SLOT(setProgress(unsigned int,int)) );
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