Commit 727ff9d8 authored by Frédéric Larue's avatar Frédéric Larue
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Minor modification in GLViewer.

parent c388e683
......@@ -339,7 +339,10 @@ void GLViewer::populateDisplayerFactories( QList<DisplayableFactoryInterface*> &
DisplayableInterface* GLViewer::addDisplayable( GenericUIData *m )
// If a displayable already exists for this manageable, remove it before creating a new one.
removeDisplayable( m );
//removeDisplayable( m );
DisplayableMap::iterator foundDisp = m_Displayables.find( m );
if( foundDisp != m_Displayables.end() )
return foundDisp->second.displayable;
// Recovers the displayable factory for the corresponding datatype.
FactoryMap::iterator factory = m_Factories.find( m->GetTypeString() );
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