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Commit 5b73c5ac authored by Frédéric Larue's avatar Frédéric Larue
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Utility function added to process the selection related to a provided Displayable.

parent 158ff189
......@@ -1358,6 +1358,12 @@ void GLViewer::processSelection( GenericUIData *m, BaseSelectionProcessor &proc
void GLViewer::processSelection( DisplayableInterface *d, BaseSelectionProcessor &proc )
processSelection( d->getSource(), proc );
void GLViewer::processSelection( DisplayableInfo &dInfo, BaseSelectionProcessor &proc )
DisplayableInterface *d = dInfo.displayable;
......@@ -313,6 +313,7 @@ public:
void processSelection( BaseSelectionProcessor &proc );
void processSelection( QList<BaseSelectionProcessor*> &procList );
void processSelection( GenericUIData *m, BaseSelectionProcessor &proc );
void processSelection( DisplayableInterface *d, BaseSelectionProcessor &proc );
void renderCoords( double x, double y, double z, double *screenX, double *screenY );
void renderText( double x, double y, const QString &text, const QFont &font = QFont(), Qt::Alignment align = Qt::AlignLeft );
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