Commit b53b94fe authored by Lionel Untereiner's avatar Lionel Untereiner
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delete redundant default parameter (LLVM compiler)

parent cb799b17
......@@ -367,7 +367,7 @@ public:
template <typename PFP, typename EMBV, typename EMB>
void computeCentroidELWVolumesGen(typename PFP::MAP& map,
const EMBV& position, VolumeAttribute<typename PFP::VEC3>& vol_centroid,
unsigned int nbth = 0)
unsigned int nbth)
FunctorComputeCentroidELWVolumesGen<PFP,EMBV,EMB> funct(map,position,vol_centroid);
Algo::Parallel::foreach_cell<typename PFP::MAP,VOLUME>(map, funct, nbth, true);
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