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ajout projection deplacement MovingObjects 2.5

parent 721eb1c3
......@@ -221,6 +221,16 @@ void ParticleCell2DAndHalf<PFP>::faceState(VEC3 current)
assert(std::isfinite(current[0]) && std::isfinite(current[1]) && std::isfinite(current[2]));
// assert(Algo::Geometry::isPointInConvexFace2D<PFP>(m,d,m_positions,m_position,true));
//project current within plane
VEC3 n1 = Algo::Geometry::faceNormal<PFP>(m,d,m_positions);
VEC3 n2 = current-m_position;
VEC3 n3 = n1^n2;
VEC3 n4 = n3^n1;
current = m_position+(n2*n4)*n4;
//track new position within map
Dart dd = d;
float wsoe = getOrientationFace(current, m_position, m.phi1(d));
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