Commit 1fc89677 authored by Pierre Kraemer's avatar Pierre Kraemer
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generic degree : debug..

parent f82aa47d
......@@ -616,7 +616,7 @@ template <typename MAP, unsigned int ORBIT, unsigned int INCIDENT>
unsigned int GenericMap::degree(Dart d)
assert(ORBIT != INCIDENT || !"degree does not manage adjacency counting");
Traversor<MAP>* t = TraversorFactory<MAP>::createIncident(*this, d, dimension(), ORBIT, INCIDENT) ;
Traversor<MAP>* t = TraversorFactory<MAP>::createIncident(*(reinterpret_cast<MAP*>(this)), d, dimension(), ORBIT, INCIDENT) ;
FunctorCount fcount ;
t->applyFunctor(fcount) ;
return fcount.getNb() ;
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