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Commit d5eebb90 authored by CGoGN GIT Supervisor's avatar CGoGN GIT Supervisor
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Merge branch 'master' of /home/kraemer/CGoGN

* 'master' of /home/kraemer/CGoGN:
  update ImplicitHierarchicalMap
parents ef3e3897 663f6aed
......@@ -25,8 +25,7 @@
#include "Topology/map/map2.h"
#include "Topology/generic/embeddedMap2.h"
#include "Topology/map/embeddedMap2.h"
namespace CGoGN
......@@ -39,7 +38,7 @@ namespace IHM
template<typename T> class AttributeHandler_IHM ;
class ImplicitHierarchicalMap : public EmbeddedMap2<Map2>
class ImplicitHierarchicalMap : public EmbeddedMap2
template<typename T> friend class AttributeHandler_IHM ;
......@@ -253,7 +253,7 @@ inline bool ImplicitHierarchicalMap::foreach_dart_of_cc(Dart d, FunctorType& f,
inline void ImplicitHierarchicalMap::splitFace(Dart d, Dart e)
EmbeddedMap2<Map2>::splitFace(d, e) ;
EmbeddedMap2::splitFace(d, e) ;
unsigned int cur = m_curLevel ;
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