Commit 55cfef98 authored by Sylvain Thery's avatar Sylvain Thery
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qt syntax error

parent cdfff0a1
......@@ -261,7 +261,7 @@ void Surface_Selection_Plugin::keyPress(View* view, QKeyEvent* event)
// generate a false mouse move to update drawing on shift keypressed !
QPoint p = m_schnapps->getSelectedView()->mapFromGlobal(QCursor::pos());
QMouseEvent me = QMouseEvent(QEvent::MouseMove, QPointF(p), Qt::NoButton, Qt::NoButton, Qt::ShiftModifier);
QMouseEvent me = QMouseEvent(QEvent::MouseMove, p, Qt::NoButton, Qt::NoButton, Qt::ShiftModifier);
mouseMove(view, &me);
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