Création d'un compte pour un collaborateur extérieur au laboratoire depuis l'intranet ICube :

Commit 49a9059f authored by Pierre Kraemer's avatar Pierre Kraemer
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......@@ -82,12 +82,15 @@ inline X lerp( X u, X v, double a )
struct PFP {
// definition de la carte
struct PFP
// definition of the map
typedef Map2 MAP;
// definition du type de reel utilise
// definition of the type of real value
typedef float REAL;
// other types definitions
typedef Geom::Vector<3,REAL> VEC3;
typedef Geom::Vector<6,REAL> VEC6;
typedef Geom::Matrix<3,3,REAL> MATRIX33;
......@@ -96,15 +99,9 @@ struct PFP {
typedef AttributeHandler<VEC3> TVEC3;
typedef AttributeHandler<REAL> TREAL;
typedef AttributeHandler<MATRIX33> TFRAME;
typedef AttributeHandler<MATRIX36> TRGBFUNCS;
//class MyPosFunctor : public FunctorAttribute<Geom::Vec3f>
......@@ -338,16 +335,16 @@ int main(int argc, char **argv)
AttributeHandler< NoMathIOAttribute<Pipos> > tablestring = myMap.addAttribute< NoMathIOAttribute<Pipos> >(VERTEX_ORBIT, "strings");
PFP::TVEC3 tablePosition = myMap.addAttribute<Geom::Vec3f>(VERTEX_ORBIT, "position");
PFP::TVEC3 tableNormal = myMap.addAttribute<Geom::Vec3f>(VERTEX_ORBIT, "normals");
bool success = Algo::Import::importMesh<PFP>(myMap, "liver.trian", tablePosition, Algo::Import::ImportSurfacique::UNKNOWNSURFACE);
if (!success)
std::vector<std::string> attrNames ;
if (!Algo::Import::importMesh<PFP>(myMap, "liver.trian", attrNames))
std::cerr << "Import fail" << std::endl;
PFP::TVEC3 tablePosition = myMap.getAttribute<PFP::VEC3>(VERTEX_ORBIT, attrNames[0]);
std::cout << "Nombre de sommets: "<< myMap.getNbCells(VERTEX_ORBIT)<<std::endl;
SelectorTrue allDarts;
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