Commit 25620752 authored by Sylvain Thery's avatar Sylvain Thery
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......@@ -212,7 +212,7 @@ void verticesRaySelection(typename PFP::MAP& map, const VertexAttribute<typename
template<typename PFP>
void volumesRaySelection(typename PFP::MAP& map, const VertexAttribute<typename PFP::VEC3>& position, const FunctorSelect& good, const typename PFP::VEC3& rayA, const typename PFP::VEC3& rayAB, std::vector<Dart>& vecVolumes)
std::vector<Dart>& vecFaces;
std::vector<Dart> vecFaces;
std::vector<typename PFP::VEC3> iPoints;
// get back intersected faces
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