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Commit 17d94c30 authored by Maire Nicolas's avatar Maire Nicolas
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Correction d'un conflit dans shaderPhong.cpp

parent 6ca39fbe
...@@ -248,20 +248,12 @@ void ShaderPhong::restoreUniformsAttribs() ...@@ -248,20 +248,12 @@ void ShaderPhong::restoreUniformsAttribs()
getLocations(); getLocations();
bind(); bind();
<<<<<<< HEAD
>>>>>>> 04f3042b58ff23e91cb7277bd02643f6a7e846ce
sendParams(); sendParams();
bindVA_VBO("VertexPosition", m_vboPos); bindVA_VBO("VertexPosition", m_vboPos);
bindVA_VBO("VertexNormal", m_vboNormal); bindVA_VBO("VertexNormal", m_vboNormal);
if (m_vboColor) if (m_vboColor)
bindVA_VBO("VertexColor", m_vboColor); bindVA_VBO("VertexColor", m_vboColor);
<<<<<<< HEAD
>>>>>>> 04f3042b58ff23e91cb7277bd02643f6a7e846ce
unbind(); unbind();
} }
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