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    Merge branch 'master' of /home/jund/CGoGN · c6088ade
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    * 'master' of /home/jund/CGoGN:
      adding mergeFaces on map3
      Resolving bug in MarkerForTraversor and compilation pb for importMoka and exportPov
      import Tet : option to invert, correction of mergeFace gmap2, removing extra createHexa in polyhedron3D
      removing unnecessary check() in subdivision3
      correcting embedding error for edge orbit on splitFace on 3gmap, replacing name functions in gmap1 to use cycle
      using traversor for exportPov, correction of volumic function (slicing and subdivision)
      small modification function sliceConvexVolumes
      problem on polyhedronView
      starting import function for Moka and improving export for povray
      adding slicing function for volume and conversion hexahedrongrid to tetrahedron mesh
      add export obj, function to slice a volume with a plane, extrusion of surfaces to volumes from lionel
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