Commit eeb90249 authored by Lionel Untereiner's avatar Lionel Untereiner
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begin export choupi

parent 5db0037c
......@@ -134,6 +134,9 @@ bool exportPlyPTMgeneric(typename PFP::MAP& map, const typename PFP::TVEC3& posi
template <typename PFP>
bool exportPLYPTM(typename PFP::MAP& map, const char* filename, const typename PFP::TVEC3& position, const typename PFP::TVEC3 frame[3], const typename PFP::TVEC3 colorPTM[6], const FunctorSelect& good = allDarts) ;
template <typename PFP>
bool exportChoupi<typename PFP::MAP& map, const typename PFP::TVEC3& position const FunctorSelect& good = allDarts) ;
} // namespace Export
} // namespace Algo
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