Commit 64657a8e authored by Thomas Jund's avatar Thomas Jund
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correction of isPointInTetrahedron for debug mode

parent b2f787bd
......@@ -137,11 +137,11 @@ bool isPointInTetrahedron(VEC3 points[4], VEC3& point, bool CCW)
AC[0], AC[1], AC[2],
AD[0], AD[1], AD[2];
A = A.inverse();
Eigen::Matrix3f AInv = A.inverse();
VEC3 v1(point-points[0]);
Eigen::Vector3f& v = Utils::convertRef<Eigen::Vector3f>(v1);
Eigen::Vector3f beta = A* v;
Eigen::Vector3f beta = AInv* v;
return (beta[0] >= 0.0f && beta[1] >= 0.0f && beta[2] >= 0.0f && beta[0]+beta[1]+beta[2]<=1.0f);
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