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bande de moebiuuuuuus

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......@@ -34,9 +34,22 @@ SimpleGMap2::SimpleGMap2()
Dart d = Algo::Modelisation::Polyhedron<PFP>::createOrientedTetra(myMap);
position[d] = VEC3(0,0,0);
position[myMap.phi1(d)] = VEC3(10,0,0);
position[myMap.phi_1(d)] = VEC3(10,20,0);
position[myMap.phi_1(myMap.phi2(d))] = VEC3(0,0,15);
position[myMap.phi1(d)] = VEC3(10,0,15);
position[myMap.phi_1(d)] = VEC3(10,20,15);
position[myMap.phi_1(myMap.phi2(d))] = VEC3(0,0,30);
Algo::Modelisation::Polyhedron<PFP> poly(myMap,position);
d = poly.cylinder_topo(5,1,false,false);
d = myMap.phi1(d);
Dart dd = myMap.beta2(d);
position[d][1] += 3.0f;
void SimpleGMap2::initGUI()
......@@ -163,14 +163,14 @@ public:
virtual void removeEdgeFromVertex(Dart d);
//! Sew two oriented faces along oriented edges (pay attention to the orientation !)
//! Sew two faces along an edge (pay attention to the orientation !)
/*! \pre Darts d & e MUST be fixed point of phi2 relation
* @param d a dart of the first face
* @param e a dart of the second face
virtual void sewFaces(Dart d, Dart e);
//! Unsew two oriented faces along oriented edges
//! Unsew two faces along an edges
/*! @param d a dart of one face
virtual void unsewFaces(Dart d);
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