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This is doxyviz, a free web app for presenting interactive UML class diagrams
generated from Doxygen XML files by its companion Perl script doxygraph.
Doxyviz and the doxygraph Perl script are collectively referred to as doxygraph.
For the manipulation and rendering of graphs, doxyviz relies on bindviz, which
is an automated JavaScript port of Graphviz ported using emscripten.


Doxyviz expects to be able to find a file named in the same folder as
its HTML and JavaScript files; this file will be the UML diagram generated by
the doxygraph Perl script. After this file has been generated, you only need to
open the Doxyviz app's index.html in your web browser to begin interacting with
your diagram.

You are encouraged to edit index.html and doxyviz.js to adapt and improve them
as you see fit, and to submit patches to the Doxygraph project if your changes
may be useful to other users. It is an ongoing community development effort.
Documentation covering the graph manipulation and rendering API provided by
bindviz.js can be found in the bindviz folder.


All the necessary HTML and JavaScript files are located in the htdocs folder.
After generating your file, simply copy these files into your web
server's htdocs folder in order to deploy your interactive diagram to the web.

A precompiled bindviz.js is provided, which doxyviz will use to help it
manipulate and render the diagrams. Therefore you do not need to compile it
yourself, although you may do so if you wish, using emscripten. Instructions
for doing this may be found in the bindviz folder.


Copyright 2013 Doxygraph project

These Source Code Forms are subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License,
version 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this file, You can
obtain one at