Commit f1e8079c authored by Janez K's avatar Janez K
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poskus pohitritve refresha sajta

parent abc7ebe2
......@@ -591,9 +591,11 @@ def synchronize_widgets(request):
w = get_object_or_404(Workflow,pk=request.POST['workflow_id'])
if (w.user==request.user):
widgets = w.widgets.all()
defered_outputs = list(Output.objects.defer("value").filter(widget__workflow=w))
defered_inputs = list(Input.objects.defer("value").filter(widget__workflow=w))
for w in widgets:
w.defered_outputs = w.outputs.defer("value").all()
w.defered_inputs = w.inputs.defer("value").all()
w.defered_outputs = filter(lambda e: e.widget_id ==,defered_outputs)
w.defered_inputs = filter(lambda e: e.widget_id ==,defered_inputs)
return render(request, 'widgets.html', {'widgets':widgets})
return HttpResponse(status=400)
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