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Commit c510eb48 authored by Anze Vavpetic's avatar Anze Vavpetic
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fix [fix [mapper fix when the target table has exactly two attributes and no...

fix [fix [mapper fix when the target table has exactly two attributes and no features are produced; isprogramirano] bolje isprogramirano] jos bolje isprogramirano
parent b7ec322a
......@@ -117,11 +117,11 @@ class RSD_Converter(ILP_Converter):
Converts the database context to RSD inputs.
def all_examples(self, target=None):
if not target:
target = self.db.target_table
def all_examples(self, pred_name=None):
target = self.db.target_table
pred_name = pred_name if pred_name else target
examples = self.db.rows(target, [self.db.target_att, self.db.pkeys[target]])
return '\n'.join(["%s('%s', %s)." % (target, cls, pk) for cls, pk in examples])
return '\n'.join(["%s('%s', %s)." % (pred_name, cls, pk) for cls, pk in examples])
def background_knowledge(self):
modeslist, getters = [self.mode(self.db.target_table, [('+', self.db.target_table)], head=True)], []
......@@ -30,8 +30,8 @@ def domain_map(features, feature_format, train_context, test_context,
train_rsd = RSD_Converter(train_context)
test_rsd = RSD_Converter(test_context, discr_intervals=intervals)
mapper_target_name = train_context.target_table + '_mapper'
train_examples = train_rsd.all_examples(target=mapper_target_name)
test_examples = test_rsd.all_examples(target=mapper_target_name)
train_examples = train_rsd.all_examples(pred_name=mapper_target_name)
test_examples = test_rsd.all_examples(pred_name=mapper_target_name)
if feature_format == 'aleph':
features = aleph_to_rsd_features(features)
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