Commit c02d2311 authored by Janez K's avatar Janez K
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fixed error with multiple UUIDs

parent 796ebe50
......@@ -421,19 +421,19 @@ class AbstractWidget(models.Model):
def set_uid(self,commit=False):
import uuid
self.uid = uuid.uuid4()
self.uid = str(uuid.uuid4())
if commit:
for i in self.inputs.all():
i.uid = uuid.uuid4()
i.uid = str(uuid.uuid4())
if commit:
for option in i.options.all():
option.uid = uuid.uuid4()
option.uid = str(uuid.uuid4())
if commit:
for o in self.outputs.all():
o.uid = uuid.uuid4()
o.uid = str(uuid.uuid4())
if commit:
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