Commit 8f357aaf authored by Anze Vavpetic's avatar Anze Vavpetic
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added widget for querying data using subgroup descriptions

parent 8431ad28
......@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@ Subgroup discovery library functions.
import json
from SubgroupDiscovery.SD_learner_classifier import SD_learner
from SubgroupDiscovery.SDRule import SDRules
import Orange
class SubgroupDiscovery:
# Available algorithms and their parameters
......@@ -68,4 +69,15 @@ def select_subgroups_finished(postdata, input_dict, output_dict):
sd_rules = input_dict['rules']
selected_subgroups = [int(i) for i in json.loads(postdata['selected_subgroup_ids'][0])]
rules = SDRules(filter(lambda r: in selected_subgroups, sd_rules.rules), sd_rules.targetClassRule, sd_rules.algorithmName)
return {'sel_rules' : rules}
\ No newline at end of file
return {'sel_rules' : rules}
def query_with_subgroups(input_dict):
data = input_dict['data']
sd_rules = input_dict['rules']
subset = set()
for rule in sd_rules.rules:
subset = subset.union(rule.filter(data))
subset_table =
for ex in subset:
return {'data' : subset_table}
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