Commit 059260f8 authored by matjaz's avatar matjaz
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Slightly improved CommandError message at import_package error.

parent 3b47c8d4
......@@ -100,7 +100,8 @@ def import_package_string(writeFunc, string, replace, verbosity=1):
idMappingDict[objFileTypeId] =
raise CommandError('Input process terminated without any changes to the database. Two models match by uid but not '
'by type:\n - from file: %s\n - from database: %s\n Please resolve manually!'% (objFileTypeId, objDbTypeId))
'by type:\n - from file: id: %s uid: %s\n - from database: id: %s uid: %s\n Please resolve manually!'%
(objFileTypeId, objFile.object.uid, objDbTypeId, objsdbDict[objFile.object.uid].uid))
#ouput statistics about database
if verbosity>0:
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