Commit 001788ea authored by vpodpecan's avatar vpodpecan
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added triplet to text export for bio3graph

parent 8102561b
......@@ -122,6 +122,14 @@ def bio3graph_construct_triplet_network(input_dict):
return {'network_object': graph}
def bio3graph_export_triplets_to_text(input_dict):
from triplet_extractor import tripletExtraction as te
triplets = input_dict['triplets']
gk = te.TripletGraphConstructor(triplets)
ttext = gk.exportText()
return {'triplets_as_text': ttext}
def bio3graph_networkx_to_biomine(input_dict):
from triplet_extractor import graph_operations as gop
nwx = input_dict['network']
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