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# Thanks for using EASEA.
Easea can be build using two method.
1)By GNU Makefile:
$ make
$ . [local]
1)By CMake:
$ cmake .
$ make
$ . [local]
"." is equivalent to "source".
Easea can either be installed locally without special permission or in
/usr/local/ with root permissions.
Once installed, one can test its installation by compiling easea test programs
in example/ :
$ cd example/weierstrass
$ easea weierstrass.ez
$ make
$ ./weierstrass
To print all options available type:
$ ./weierstrass --help
To test the CUDA version (Need the CUDA developper kit found at ):
$ easea -cuda weierstrass.ez
For additional help and documentation about the EASEA platform, please refers
to the main wiki
To get the latest version of EASEA, git clone the sourceforge repository:
git clone git:// easea-code
That's all !
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