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Add an empty easea template

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Template for an EASEA evolutionary algorithm for easea v1.0.3
\User declarations : // This section is copied on top of the output file
\User functions:
\User classes :
GenomeClass {
// need to declare the genome here
\GenomeClass::initialiser : // "initializer" is also accepted
// the genome to initialise is known as "Genome"
\GenomeClass::crossover :
// must create "child" out of "parent1" and "parent2"
\GenomeClass::mutator : // Must return the number of mutations
// must mutate "Genome"
return 0;
\GenomeClass::evaluator : // Returns the score as a real value
// uses Genome to evaluate the quality of the individual
return 0.0;
\User Makefile options:
\Default run parameters : // Please let the parameters appear in this order
Number of generations : 100 // NB_GEN
Time limit: 0 // In seconds, 0 to deactivate
Population size : 1024 //POP_SIZE
Offspring size : 1024 // or a xx%
Mutation probability : 1 // MUT_PROB
Crossover probability : 1 // XOVER_PROB
Evaluator goal : maximize // maximise
Selection operator: Tournament 2.0
Surviving parents: 100% // Percentage or absolute
Surviving offspring: 100% // Percentage or absolute
Reduce parents operator: Tournament 2
Reduce offspring operator: Tournament 2
Final reduce operator: Tournament 2
Elitism: Strong // Weak or Strong
Elite: 1
Print stats: true // Default: 1
Generate csv stats file:false
Generate gnuplot script:false
Generate R script:false
Plot stats:true // Default: 0
Remote island model: false
IP file: ip.txt // List of IP:PORT of islands to send individuals to
Server port : 2929
Migration probability: 0.33 // Probability of sending an individual per generation
Save population: false
Start from file:false
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