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    Release candidate 1.09 · a622ff8c
    Ogier Maitre authored
    -CUDA.tpl corrected bugs
    -Improve the user information, by dumping proper population size to distribute to current GPGPU system.
    -Resolve a bug in GPU evaluation. Now evaluation are really done in parallel on all the cards, (it was serialized before).
    -Add instrumented tools in CEvolutionaryAlgorithm.cpp (INSTRUMENTED must be defined to use this feature).
         -If timing.csv file does not already exist, a description of each field is outputted first in the file.
    -It is now possible to specify a range of GPU to be used for evaluation computation at execution time. This is done using --fstgpu and --lstgpu arguments, that specify used gpus as [fstgpu,lstgpu[.
    -Installer improved for linux and MacosX
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