Update links, fix release script

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......@@ -12,12 +12,12 @@ Django HOPE
.. |codacygrade| image:: https://api.codacy.com/project/badge/Grade/REPLACE_WITH_PROJECT_ID
:target: https://www.codacy.com/app/Pawamoy/django-hope/dashboard
.. |codacygrade| image:: https://api.codacy.com/project/badge/Grade/2909ec710ee84c438bf9dd191544c105
:target: https://www.codacy.com/app/CSTB/django-hope/dashboard
:alt: Codacy Code Quality Status
.. |codacycoverage| image:: https://api.codacy.com/project/badge/Coverage/REPLACE_WITH_PROJECT_ID
:target: https://www.codacy.com/app/Pawamoy/django-hope/dashboard
.. |codacycoverage| image:: https://api.codacy.com/project/badge/Coverage/2909ec710ee84c438bf9dd191544c105
:target: https://www.codacy.com/app/CSTB/django-hope/dashboard
:alt: Codacy Code Coverage
.. |version| image:: https://img.shields.io/pypi/v/django-hope.svg?style=flat
......@@ -12,9 +12,7 @@ esac
if [ ${proceed} -eq 1 ]; then
python setup.py clean --all sdist bdist_wheel
if twine upload --skip-existing dist/* -r pypitest; then
if ! twine upload --skip-existing dist/* -r pypi; then
echo "Twine upload to PyPi failed" >&2
fi; else echo "Twine upload to PyPiTest failed" >&2
fi; else echo "Then make tox happy." >&2
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